Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jumping Ship

Well, I have only been on the job for two months, and it is already "that time." Me and Florida boss #1 were not working out.

Let me start from the beginning......a new friend of mine knew that I was not pleased with my current work situation and heard of an opening at another office. So I call, set up an interview for the following day. Get this, his current employee went to grade school with my Michigan boss!! Small world!!
Now I will cut to the chase and tell you I got the job, but we need to back track to make this story good.

If any of you readers know my mother, you will know how much funnier this really is than it will seem in writing.

So I am driving to my interview and I am pretending to be on my cell phone so I can talk out loud without looking strange to other drivers. Really I am practicing my speech where I point out how wonderful I am. The phone rings in my ear and I answer it.

"Hi Mom."

She is giggling to the point that she is incoherent and crying. She tells me how she went by the place I am interviewing with today (she works within walking distance). "Oh really? Did you drive by?"

"No, we walked by." The "we" she is referring to is her and her boss, Betty.

"Oh, did you walk by slow so you could peek inside?"

"Mmm hmmm."


"And we walked so slow he invited us in!"


She then proceeds to tell me how he invited them in for a tour! Only me!! How embarrassing! He never asked who she was, or why she was lurking, he just showed them around.

Now I am going to switch to my boss, Joe's, side of the story because it is better.

First I will give you a layout of the office. The front is all glass. The conference room is in the front, so if you are having a meeting, there is nothing separating you from the street but glass. Behind the conference room is his office which has a small window with blinds that looks into the conference room which looks onto the street.

So Joe tells me he sees two women walk by once, twice, a third time!!! He says one (Betty) cups her hands onto the glass and peers inside. As they walk away he pops his head onto the street and says, "Well, ladies, do you like the office or what?" He had figured they had stared long enough. My mom and Betty stammered out some sort of response. He then asks if they would like to have a tour of the office so they can see better! OMG!! My mom tries to weasel away in embarrassment and Betty says, "We sure would."


At no point did he ask who they were, why they where there, under what premise was he giving them this tour other than they were peering in the window and so he showed them around.

Now tell me what situation could top that in embarrassment?! It is like first day of school type mother embarrassment type of craziness!!

I didn't know what to do, so after some schmoozing, I just said, "Well you've already met my mettlesome mother!" He got quite the kick out of her not so spy-like abilities. Here's my mom, the embarrassing snoop who can't mind her beeswax.

But, I am super excited about this new opportunity, humiliated or not. I hope I can meet his expectations of me!


Chrissy said...

OMG, our mothers are cut from the same mold. That is hysterical.

Congrats again, my friend. I am thrilled for you and can't wait to toast IN PERSON next Saturday!

Ashley said...

Your mom cracks me up!

And I'm so proud of you!

:) :) :)