Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quote of the Day

This isn't exactly a quote of the day, but more like a fact of the day. It is still coming from my daily calendar and since this is the favorite city of my friend BBW, I thought I would throw this gem of information in there.
This is coming from the Top 10 Shopping Havens from

In the French Quarter of New Orleans is Royal Street, an old street steeped in history. Mules still draw carriages past carefully preserved French and Spanish style buildings from the 1700s through the eight continuous blocks on antique stores. La Rue Royale is one of he premier destinations for antique hunters from around the world. It got its start in 1816 with the opening of Francois Seignoret's furniture and wine store. By the turn of the twentieth century, New Orleans was the fifth largest city in the United States. Wealthy people from all over the wold traded with local shop owners and left behind artifacts of a bygone era that, in many cases, can't be found anywhere else, such as antique weapons, Civil War items, and rare, foreign and American coins.

Stores that have stayed in the same family for generations can offer everything from a $45,000 Edwardian diamond necklace and Rolex watches from the 1920s to nineteenth-century furniture and an $80,000.00 centerpiece once owned by Charles Dickens.

I would just LOVE to see these pieces of history!! Especially the Edwardian diamond necklace...but on second thought, it might just depress me. :)
Happy Sunday to everyone!

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Just Another Small Town Girl said...

I love the shout-out for NOLA!!! You *must* come visit soon =)