Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey, Hey, Hockeytown!

For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to give my husband something really special. While no moving plans are final or even realistic right now, I thought about IF there was anything about Michigan that we would miss and suddenly....

I realized that quite possible the one and only thing we would ever miss about living here is our beloved Red Wings. So why not experience them as much as we can and the best that we can until we are fortunate enough to move?

For those of you who know me, when I think of something, I need immediate results. So within 20 minutes of hatching the plan I had picked out the most perfect (and painfully expensive) pair of tickets on center ice 7th row! I had my doubts but as soon as we settled in our seats, I knew that it was well worth the money!

Since the game was the Sunday before Valentine's day and since my husband isn't what one would deem "easy going" (read: hates surprises that require travel plans), I gave him his present one week early. I think every night one of us would say, "I'm so excited for Sunday." It was so great to have something to look forward to. The Joe is a 2 hour drive, but I wish we did it so much more often! Here we are decked out in red ready to go (Ash, see how I am looking elderly around the eyes and those smile lines?!)!!

One of the reasons we were so excited was to see our favorite player, Cat Soup. What? Don't recognize that name? Well that is because it is really spelled Datsyuk. For whatever reason I had him pegged as my "fav" even though 13 has never been my favorite number. After making such an informed and important decision, I asked my husband what what his name was to which he replied, "Datsyuk," as I was walking out of the room. "Cat soup? What a ridiculous name!" I replied. Needless to say it was a "you had to be there" sort of thing, but we were rolling on the ground and ever since that time, Pavel has fondly been referred to as Cat Soup in our household. Here he is in action:

Doing some pregame lunges, very important....

Okay, enough of those. Time to play hockey.....

Rounding the rink telling the Ducks to "get the puck otta here."

We seriously could not have been more thrilled. Here is Zeterburg looking quite wolverine like.

And the bench....

The best moment of the game was when Downey got into a fight with a member of the Ducks, Parros. I have seen many a hockey fights and they are always just a random punch out of nowhere and then they go at it. Fine. But I have never seen two men literally put their dukes up and circle each other for what seemed like the longest time like this! See if you can see this extremely tall man's stache!

Some of the funnier comments I heard amongst the crowd were:

"Come on, Downey. Punch his mustache off."

and, my personal fav:

"Why is Downey fighting a 1970s porn star?"

By this point, we were having such a good time I had to snap one last pic of the happy couple.

Sadly the Wings didn't pull out a W, but that is okay. We had a great time and they still need to lose something like 12 more games to lose hold of first place.

As for the actual Valentine's Day, I ordered this heart-shaped pizza from Papa J's and picked up this cake along with some wine and heineken. Mmmm.

I hope you all had a nice day with your someone special too!


RACHEL said...

That sounds like an AWESOME Valentine's Day! I love the heart-shaped pizza. And might I say, you look absolutely adorable in your glasses. I had to pick out some night driving glasses just today and I hope I look that cute in mine!

Ashley said...

I LOVE it! That is the most RIDICULOUS hockey fight I've ever seen! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

This is the craziness that happened last weekend that I was telling you about. I thought someone was going to die. The footage is clearly between periods--I was there live, but this is what the camera captured. I love that they are going into the locker room, and then they realize crazy action is happening and BAM! They are out of there. The specific killer punches are at the end. Enjoy. ;)


And you do NOT look old.

Sarita said...

How fun! Hockey's the one sport Pepe never got into in the States (probably because the Bruins suck) but I think he would really like it.

And, you look fabulous in red!

Mary said...

You two are adorable! :) Glad you had a great day!